About Us

We are Nancy and Paul. We moved to Mazatlán in September of 2007 from the Pacific Northwest.

Our blog starts out (go to the blog archives) when we were still working and hadn't yet decided where in México we would be moving. We traveled quite a bit and hopefully our decision process can help you, too.

We worked hard getting ready to move - had to work on our property to prepare it for sale, get it on the market, and sell it. We discussed all the issues related to making such a big move - from telling friends and family to selling everything and everything in between.

We bought an old home in Mazatlán's Centro Historico. It had been partially remodeled/restored, but we still have done a lot of work to it. Kitchen cabinets, painting, a mural, courtyard remodeling, and much more has been documented in these pages. If you want to read about a specific topic, check out the Labels at the bottom right of the main page.

We're been here almost a year now, so our blog is mostly about just living our lives in México.

Thanks for coming by, and don't forget to leave a comment if a post interests you!