Learning Spanish

When we think about moving to Mexico, one of the first issues is the obvious; we don't speak Spanish, how do we communicate? We have been playing CDs in our cars that contain Spanish lessons, and there is some value in them, but we need a better system than that. I have been researching language schools, and there are many options in major Mexican cities. Most offer "immersion" training that includes 4 to 8 hours of class time per day, coupled with a home-stay with a local family where only Spanish is spoken. It is recommended that Nancy and I stay with separate families so we don't slip back into English when we are away from class. Sounds like fun.

I think we will choose a language school in one of the cities we are interested in, and immerse ourselves for at least 2 weeks next spring. Xalapa might be good, or Manzanillo, or San Miguel, or Cuernavaca.

I want to make learning Spanish my retirement job. I want to be able speak with proper grammar, using the correct verb conjugations and tenses, and hopefully not too terrible an accent. I have heard that everyone says this when they move down, and most never do it. I am pretty determined.
Hasta luego

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