Kind of a Funny Christmas!

The first gift Paul opened from me was the book on the left - a hardbound used copy of Casa Yucatan. Then he started to laugh, because the book on the right - a new paperback copy of Casa Yucatan was one of the gifts he'd bought for me! We must know each other pretty well!

The other gifts were several cd's and tequila for Paul and a cool electronic dictionary for me!

I would call it a very Mexico Christmas. Next year we'll be there!



Brenda said...

My mind is a strange thing. LOL When I went back and re-read that sentence I saw what you meant. The scary thing is that I had proofread it before posting it.
The other day, I told Gary that in a year I won't be able to speak spanish or english properly!!! I find myself typing certain spanish words in the blog and then going back and correcting them, I am trying to think my sentences in spanish and sometimes it backfires!! I also find myself picking up some of our landlords speech patterns (he speaks some english; but makes the same funny mistakes that we make in spanish). I also find myself saying, "no?" at the end of my english sentences. LOL My language is becoming very odd, I think.
Have a good day. Brenda

Malcolm said...

Nancy, can you shoot me an email? I have something I want to send you. Thanks! malcolm@ultramalcolm.com