A message from the weather

If I ever needed a reminder of why we are moving to Mexico, the weather in November took care of that. We had over 15" of rain last month, the most ever recorded in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Everyone knows it rains a lot here, but it is usually in the form of drizzle, mist, fog, and generally gentle moisture. The sun didn't shine for weeks on end, and it was topped off by snow, freezing rain, and traffic chaos at the end of the month.

All this made us more determined than ever to make this move happen as soon as possible.
Our February trip is booked. We think the contrast between a week at the ocean in Mazatlan and a week in the mountains in Queretaro will help us decide which climate would work best for us. Then in April, we will see Merida in all its splendor and heat (this is the place that I am most excited about, but I want to stay open-minded)..

We continue reading blogs and forums for tips from those who have gone ahead, we joined the VivaVeracruz forum today, http://www.vivaveracruz.com/forum/. We are also back to playing Spanish lessons in the car when we do errands and such.

The clock is ticking, I want it to happen soon!

Hasta Luego,

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Anonymous said...

We are anxious for you guys to be down here as well! If it was me, I would go for Merida and splurge on the Hacienda Santa Cruz (www.haciendasantacruz.com/sale.htm)...haha

XO, Adam and Martha