Great Minds Run Alike?

I just read a post on Billie's Blog and just had to laugh! I had been thinking of talking about the same thing! And since Blogger wasn't cooperating with allowing me to make a comment I thought I'd just go ahead and put my thoughts to um...er...plastic and wires.

To start with, I met one of my favorite people ever through the internet - my husband Paul. It was crazy that we'd never met before since we both lived in Seattle in the same general area, our kids participated in Boys and Girls club sports and we frequented the same restaurants among other similarities. We exchanged emails for weeks before meeting in person, and the depth of our understanding of each other made us already friends.

You get a certain kind of intimacy going when you write about things that are meaningful to you. With the circle of blogs that I read daily the intimacy is reciprocal since they read our thoughts, too. With non-blogging readers, it is one-sided, unless they choose to comment. (Which is always nice)

Here's the setup: Nancy and Paul at the dinner table

Nancy: Did you see that post Jillian did about the critters? I laughed so hard!

Paul: Yes, it was funny. Brenda finally got her easel, too.

Nancy: Won't it be fun to have coffee with Billie and Ned?

Paul: It will. I envy them being married for fifty years!

Ok, I made the last sentence up, but I do believe he would have said it!

So, this community of bloggers have become a part of our daily life, and we do feel like we know you. I'm really looking forward to meeting Billie and Ned and hopefully more readers or bloggers in the future.


James said...

Funny, I feel the same way. Your blog is becoming must-reading everyday.

Nancy said...

That is such a nice thing to say!

Thank you!