Not Very Interesting

I was trying to think of a blog topic that was not just sufficiently interesting but also related to our move to Mexico, and I was coming up against a dead end.

I think the reason is that I am totally pooped out after several days of non-stop painting. And then I realized that the reason I am painting my little heart out is because I am working on getting the house ready to sell! And....presto! I had my topic.

Of course it still isn't very interesting, but activities like painting are what are going to get us out of here because the place looks so sharp. As I work I am probably doing a better job than if we were staying here because I keep saying "this will get called out in the inspection if I don't fix it."

So, the upshot is that I have learned how to retexture walls and have finished painting our spare room and the upstairs hallway. In order to finish the hallway I need to rent scaffolding, and that will wait until after Paul's daughter visits next week.


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Anonymous said...

Our houses always look best when we are selling them - the way it works ;-)