Not the promised post

I meant to do a post today on "things I am excited about" but working all day in the yard sapped my energy...and then of course we went out to dinner...and now I can't remember what I wanted to say! It was an absolutely glorious day today - sunny and in the 60's. I got a lot done but am now totally exhausted.

So, as a cop-out I will respond to a couple of comments:

Juan wanted to know about my new laptop...well, it is wonderful. I bought it through Costco, where you can build-your-own. It's an HP. Every bell and whistle is on it that I wanted. 2 gigs of ram, 160 gb hard drive, separate nvdia graphics card, amd dual core processor, built in webcam, wireless, windows vista home premium, etc. I got the 15.4" screen and can use my monitor if I want a bigger view. So far I love it except for Vista having changed some things around. I buy a new computer every three or four years so this is a huge jump up from my eMachine that I bought at Office Depot for $300!

James wanted me to elaborate on my comment about "fussy people with germ phobias" that I listed as one of the things I won't miss.... Well, I am pretty fed up with people who think that all germs are bad. Like at the grocery store they have a setup by the carts with Clorox wipes for wiping down the cart... I believe in being sensible with real germ laden items but a shopping cart? I could give a lot more examples but I had better not since (ahem) people might see themselves when they read the examples so that will have to do. In Mexico people pretty much figure you are able to take care of yourself, and if not, that's your problem.

Juan also suggested that if I want to continue on with my weed-whacking, we should consider Veracruz state. Unfortunately, having lived most of our adult lives in Washington state, we are entirely fed up with a steady diet of rain. Veracruz was one of our top picks for quite a long time, but we finally realized that we must have sun! I mean we know that rain is necessary, and we actually like it - but just in smaller doses than we would probably find in Veracruz. We're not trying to start an argument here....just know that the rain we experience here in Washington has changed us, in a big way



Ameloblast said...

With the bird flu becoming more and more of a possiblity in the americas, I think we do need to be concerned about cross-contamination. Sure, most of us have immune systems that can handle tons of stuff, but how many of us are finding that we're catching flus and colds that seem to last so much longer than they did years ago. Is it because we're older and our immune systems are tired and less responsive, or is it because the germs are more virulent? Either option means that we need to be vigilant about our exposure to pathogens. Not paranoid, mind you. Just vigilant.

Shopping carts could be something to worry about...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy,

Have to agree with the above and add there are any number of shopping carts that have been commandeered by a little one with sticky candy fingers etc.

So not only is it good for the germs it may be carting around, it can be convenient to clean off some sticky contact on those shopping carts.

We carry handy wipes around a lot here in Mexico.

Regarding the weather in Veracruz – specifically the rain. Far be it from me to encourage anyone to come to this part of the world, as it is so lovely sans many expatriates. But, the truth is not all rain and rain statistics are alike.

Most of the rain that occurs here in the sub-tropics occurs in the late afternoon or at night. It is seldom a bother as usually the temperatures are mild and the rain is light – almost as if being misted by one of those cooling systems – it is often a welcome feature. They call the mist chipi-chipi here.

Of all the weather condition wind is my least liked and there is not much here. I have never enjoyed rain in Colorado. But, there is little resemblance to the kinds of rains that Seattle and Colorado Springs or Pueblo have to offer here in Xico.

You are selling this opportunity short to consider the rain a problem here – it isn’t.


Anonymous said...

Anita reminds me that we actually saw one of the fellows that gathers the carts from the parking lot spit on the carts as he pushed them back to the store.

You can be sure we used those clean wipes on the cart we took there ;-)



Brenda said...

We are pretty mellow about the germ thing here and so far (touch wood) have not gotten sick.
I have to agree with you on the rain thing. Perhaps the summer wouldn't be bad in Ver.; but I don't think that I could stand the cool temps. and rain in the winter. Here in the summer the heat can be trying; but at least it doesn't make me ache the way cool, damp weather does. That said, I would still love to visit the area sometime.
New 'puter sounds great!

Nancy said...

I should have known there would be other perspectives on the germ thing....I would probably have a different perspective if I was ill or immune-suppressed or something. But I do believe that most healthy people are capable of managing the germs we encounter in our normal daily life. I even believe that is good for you - that overuse of cleaning products makes us less able to battle bugs.

Normal handwashing with regular soap is my main routine.