These are some crazy times

It's funny how I am fully experiencing every day lately. Not like sometimes, where only looking back do you realize how great a day was, or how much you liked something.

For example, today is a day to remember. The painters are here, and plastic is draped all over everything. The kitchen was totally taped and plasticized before I realized I was hungry so while they were out in their cars eating I untaped a couple of places and grabbed the bread and peanut butter. I then went back in the office, where both birds and their cages are sitting on a big blue tarp...and putting a silice of bread on my knee, smeared on peanut butter and folded it over. Just like when I was a kid.

The painters are listening to Olivia Newton John singing Grease, and a couple of the painters are talking to each other in Spanish.

It's been raining off and on so I have gone outside a few times to work on the photinia hedge and then get driven back inside when it starts up again.

I have a lot of outdoor work that I've been saving for this week, so I'm disappointed by the rain...but it is a happy day today, and we're still making good progress. ¡Somos casi listos!


CC said...

It makes me so happy to read your posts! While our move won't be for many years, the planning and day dreaming make me smile. I don't even know what part of Mexico we will want to be in but I love it there! I start Spanish lessons next month. While I don't want to wish the next eight years away, I cannot wait to live in Mexico.

Malcolm said...

Cherish these moments. Go to Starbucks and have a carrot walnut muffin and a silly coffee.