The inspection is over.....

The buyers of our place here in Washington had their inspection yesterday. I was a nervous wreck running around here trying to make the place perfect! Of course that is an impossible task, but I feel it went very well.

I was surprised to come home after their inspection and find a copy of their inspector's findings on our kitchen table. I called our realtor and he called their realtor to discover that they inadvertently left it behind. So I was able to put my mind at ease and realize that there was nothing too awful in his inspection.

We're now waiting for the buyers to send something to us detailing what they would like done in order to remove the inspection condition. They have until the 25th to do so.

I have to wait until then to start really packing here since there is the possibility they could walk away and we would have to start marketing the place again. I really don't think that will happen since they have already agreed to purchase a lot of our furnishings and tools. I think they are really excited about the place, so I am working on remaining positive and packing and disposing of what we can right now.

I read blogs every day where people report that they sold and moved to Mexico in just a couple of months.....and I am impressed since I can't imagine being able to do it in such a short amount of time.

It's a sunny day today - this afternoon I am going to head outside to the hammock to watch the birds and the clouds and dream of Mazatlan.


Sans said...

We came down to Mazatlan, checked it out, went back to Texas, sold everything and moved in 3 weeks! We took a hickey on most everything (used an auction company) but we have never regretted it!

Anonymous said...

Nancy - glad you said it - we have 85 days to clear out and MAN if we make it - it will be a miracle - UGH!!!