A Few Things We've Learned

One of the biggest differences between the way some people move to Mexico and the way we are doing it is that we are only taking what will fit in our mini-van. That's not a lot of stuff!

We have made decision after decision to winnow the articles we are taking to only the bare minimum. I feel fine about the decisions we've made, and excited about the sense of freedom that goes along with travelin' light.

But somewhere along the way I forgot that our house closing isn't until the end of the month and while it sounds kind of strong and sassy to "camp" in our house for a month....it can be a bit of an ordeal. I crave a comfortable chair. We are sleeping on a double bed mattress on the floor...wow, does that seem small! And the dogs can jump up without an invitation, too.

The garage sale last weekend cleaned us out. Thank goodness the new owners of our house have bought the washer & dryer from us or we'd be going to the laundromat like we did long, long ago!

The remaining chores will probably eat up the next two weeks, and then we plan on spending the week following that visiting friends and family with an estimated departure date from the Pacific Northwest of September 4.


Ann said...

Nancy, I'm jealous and I LIVE in Mexico! You guys are so organized and work together so well. You're going to have a great adventure settling in in Mazatlan, I can't wait to read every new installment.

Bill said...

Paul and Nancy,

We did the same thing...just moved down here with our RAV4 loaded to the gills, in May. No regrets; you're doing the right thing in my book. Our experience is documented in http://mainetomexico.blogspot.com.

Keep up the blog; your friends and family back "home" will appreciate it.

Billie said...

You guys have done the right thing. We got rid of most stuff but still have a minimum of furniture in storage. When we go back in Dec, we need to get rid of it. I'm not going back to the States any time soon, maybe never and I can buy new furniture if we do with what we will have saved in storage fees.

James said...

I was just telling somebody yesterday about the feeling of reaching the border with all your stuff, or what remains of it, in the van with you. I'll never forget seeing that flag waving in the desert. At the Columbia River Crossing, it looked like a carnival or a little shopping mall and not like some military outpost.

We're all waiting to hear about your trip now !!!

Nancy said...

I haven't heard from anyone over the last couple of years who ever regretted getting rid of too much!

Everyone always says how liberating it is, and so far I agree.

It is going to be hard to get through the next few weeks, but we are just working on living in the moment.