A update will be coming soon

We have been having a blast getting settled in our new house and community. We've been using the internet in cafes so haven't had time to make a post with all our news.

We hope to have everything set up at home by tomorrow and we'll fill you in on how things are going...but I will say this, life here is GREAT!

Hasta luego!


Rachel said...

Can't wait for the update but have fun in the meantime.

Aaron Ortiz said...

Congratulations, may you enjoy your new place in the sun!

elliott said...

You seem to have handled this trip with so much grace and tranquility! Welcome to Mexico....if you freak out now that you're here, put a check mark next to it. I had a gigantic panic attack when we finally made it to Ajijic.It didn't mean a thing, and I look forward to reading about your new life. elliott