Saturday Hodge-podge.

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It's Saturday morning and it's hot and humid. It's supposed to be around 90 and quite humid again today. Yesterday was the first day we both really felt the heat. I think the reason it hit me is that after a lot of running around all day, around three I decided to go to the mercado, where someone had said there was a vendor selling birdcages. Paul stayed home to supervise the electricians and since we were going out later I was just going to make it a quick trip. I walked fast and even though I stayed on the shady side of the street I was pretty hot when I got back. And the only vendor anyone could point me to with cages only had little ones, darn!

We were late getting to the Centro ex-pat get-together, but had fun meeting some new people, and also our fellow blogger, Jennifer! It was fun!

The elections in Mexico are on Sunday. I'm not sure how many communities in Mexico have established "Ley Seca" or "dry laws" but Mazatlan is one of them. From last night at midnight to Sunday at midnight it is not permitted to sell or serve liquor in Mazatlan. There is understandably some crankiness from the large tourist hotels, and we read online that some of them plan on serving the tourists in defiance of the law. We are probably going out to eat this evening, and it will be a little strange to not have even a glass of Pacifico anywhere in evidence!

A couple of days ago the Chicago Tribune published a story on Mazatlan - "Mazatlan mixes history with glitz." If you are interested, read it here.

Yesterday was also the first time I drove here...Paul and I have been going everywhere together, but yesterday with the electricians being here I needed to go pick up Henry at the groomer's....so off I went. And then later I went and picked up the laundry. So now I have gotten over my anxiety about the little streets and the random driving rules and should be gadding about before long. As a matter of fact I need some new lighter, blousier shirts and plan on going on a shopping expedition sometime today.

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