Day of the Dead in Mazatlan

Last night Mazatlan, like the rest of Mexico, celebrated the Day of the Dead.

The festivities kicked off at 6 pm with an excellent blues concert by the Malverde Blues Experience. Here's a video:

After the concert, the excitement built for the Walk to the Day of the Dead Altars. This is a crazy experience. Oompah bands play and carts pulled by donkeys dispense free beer to the crowd. (The German influence is throughout Mazatlan - from the Pacifico brewery founders to the music and strudel in the bakeries.) Pretty much everyone walks along a circuitous route taking in the various altars - with crazy music playing - and everyone trying to get close enough to the beer wagons to get a bit of foam in a cup. It was a blast. Here's a video to give the effect. My little camera was no match for the craziness.

Afterwards, the whirl of humanity hangs around the Plazuela, eating dinner or looking at the various altars set up around the square.

Today is the First Friday art walk and then a guitar concert in the Plazuela Republica. But first, back to the dentist!

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CancunCanuck said...

I am a Canadian living in Cancun for four years now, I am happy to have found your blog, I've just started reading. Good stories and pics, thanks for sharing your experience.