Democrats in México, join and be heard!

Things are different this election, and Democrats Abroad worldwide will be represented as the "51st State" with 22 voting delegates. If you live in México and are a Democrat, I would urge you to go online at Democrats Abroad and register. Here is a press release that explains how it works.

There is a newsletter that is put out by Democrats Abroad México, and I'd recommend that you read it.

It is very exciting to me to actually have a chance to have my voice heard even though I live in México. The Global Primary is February 5, and once you are registered you'll receive email information about how to vote when it gets closer to February 5. You'll be able to vote online, by fax or mail within México or in certain voting centers.

Actual voting in the November 2008 presidential election will be done by absentee ballot through your home state. They are working on ways to make absentee voting easier - such as making arrangements for simpler delivery of the ballots to the US Mail.

Any readers who hold dual citizenship are eligible to vote in the US and are also encouraged to register as a Democrat Abroad and vote in the primary.

Both Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta have started chapters of Democrats Abroad, but if the your area doesn't have one, don't worry....you can register and vote no problem.

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Ann said...

Thanks for this information. I was always involved, at least peripherally, in politics in the U.S., and I'm a Democrat, so this is great to know.