Ahhh, Sunshine!

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Mazatlan. We are reveling in it, because the last 5-6 days have been chilly by Mazatlan standards, anyway! It has been breezy and hasn't been warm enough to sit outside unless you are in the direct sun - and when you're not - brrr. Everyone in town was wearing sweaters and jackets and - god forbid - shoes.

This morning we had a number of people due to come over for various things relating to the work we're having done here. Paul said he'd do the waiting, so I took the dogs on a walk by myself.

They are very familiar with our morning route to the malecon...and have their favorite "spots" so the official business was out of the way quickly and we could proceed with the fun part. (yes, we always pick it up)

We are regulars now, and I really enjoy feeling like we are accepted as residents.

First to greet us is Henry's biggest fan down by the park. She almost always runs out to greet him and pet him and has told us she has a Schnauzer, too - a grey one. When she's not there in the morning, Henry looks for her and whines.

Next is the security guard at a local college. He greets us every day but when I am alone with the dogs he always wants to know what Paul is doing and laughs that he is still in bed!

The street sweeper lady is always enthusiastically working away, and alway has a ready smile and a good morning.

Then when we get to the malecon, we have to wait for traffic in order to cross. No problem there, because the lead man in the big street car washing business in front of Shrimp Bucket always greets us and lets us know when it's ok to cross.

Everyone has such nice smiles...and not just vacant smiles but smiles that include the eyes so you feel like you really connected for the moment.

The malecon has all the usual walkers and joggers and dogs who are now familiar faces to greet each day. When people meet us for the first time we have to tell them "no muerden" since people here seem to be very worried that the dogs will bite.

Today I took a longer route and when I passed by the "cliff diver" area where all the vendors set up a couple of tour buses had just disgorged a lot of people and the sidewalk was jammed. After we waited for it to thin out the dogs and I passed by with nods from the vendors but no requests for me to buy. I think even if they don't know me the dogs signal to them that I'm a local.

By the time we got home both Paul and I were hungry for breakfast. With the painters occupying the kitchen, Paul took off to buy us some pan dulces at Panama and stopped at the fruit stand in front and bought a cup of mixed fruit, jicama and cucumber seasoned with lime and chile powder.

It's been an excellent start to another beautiful Mazatlan day.


Gypsy Girl said...

You are making me jealous!!! We are in an unusually early deep freeze in New England and we don't head to Mexico till February for 3 months!! It has been snowing for weeks now and more coming. Enjoy some of that sunshine for us!!!
I wish you peace, love and laughter

heatherinparadise said...

That's wonderful that you are feeling like a local! Outside of my little corner of Playa, I'm understandably STILL mistaken for a tourist and hassled to buy things when I'm walking on the tourist drag. Once, I lost patience and told one man, "You see me every day, and have for months. I live here!" The next time I saw him, he called out, "Hey, if you live here, how come you're still so white?" Jajaja!

Cynthia said...

Chilly in Mazatlan? I didn't know that happened. How cold?

I am back in Houston for Christmas with the kids and our temp matches yours tonight, but Houston can get plenty cold. San Miguel weather was beautiful during the days: hitting 80 or close to it, but the nights were cold. My little house there doesn't exactly have central heat. Actually, it has no heat at all, but it appears I'm going to have to do something or go to bed very early during winter months.

For some reason I thought Mazatlan was one of those places that had a constantly warm winter.

Heather...that story is so funny!

Nancy said...

Chilly here is a relative term...but we are entirely acclimated I think and anything below about 77 seems chilly. Nights - I mean the middle of the night has been in the 60's and the days start out in the upper 60's and go up to the low 80's. But the sweaters come out when the temperatures would be laughingly high to those of you up north, I imagine.

Mazatlan does have seasons - just not very extreme ones!