Just about done!

We are very near the end of both our courtyard project and the interior painting. So, we asked the architect a couple of weeks ago what day and time would be good for an end-of-project thank you party. He said yesterday (Friday) at 5 pm would be good.

The work that remains to be done is a bit of painting and the final fix-up of the planting beds. Also the electrician needs to put in the lights in the planter and complete the wiring for the fountain. The cantera stone fountain is also missing one part of the outside rim. So as you can tell, there is enough to keep people busy today (Saturday.)

The bummer was that the guys had really done everything they could by about 3 pm. Then they busied themselves sweeping again and again and even watering plants in the back yard! It was pretty deadly, since we had arranged for carne asada tacos and more to be ready at 4:30. Sheesh! They wandered around, we wandered around, and FINALLY the food was ready!

We started in with the beer around 4 pm, and Paul and I worried that the food we ordered to feed 20 would be 4 times too much. As the project wound down, fewer and fewer guys were necessary every day. But the beer and some music got the festive atmosphere started and when it got closer to 5 a lot of the other guys who had worked here most of the time arrived, along with the landscapers, a painter, and the electricians.

The food was wonderful. Carne asada both plain and with a bunch of other stuff, (4 kilos total), rice, refried beans, tortillas and salsas. I cut up fruit and jicama and cucumbers and limes. When all was said and done we have just enough to offer to Marco the interior painter for lunch today, as he wasn't able to make the party.

I put together some sentences I wanted to convey to the guys and wrote them out on paper. (I got some assistance from my son Adam with the wording) So in the middle of the meal I cleared my throat and told them how much I appreciated their talent, their attention to detail, and the way they worked as a team. I also said some other stuff, but not too much.

The picture above was taken before everyone had arrived...I was embarrassed to take any more pictures as the evening went on, but it was a milestone for us - figuring out how to show our appreciation in keeping with local tradition but still being ourselves.


Steve Cotton said...

There is nothing like a party to top off the end of a good story. Congratulations! Nancy, you have made me start rethinking my decision to strike Mazatlan from my list. I looked at some houses on the internet last night just to remind myself of some options. I just realized that I had run across your blog twice in the past. I particularly liked your entry about "ruins." I wish I had the money and patience to take on a project like that. But, I meander. Once again, congratulations!

Jonna said...

Congratulations Nancy! How wonderful that most of the work is done before the new year, I think that must be lucky.

We want pictures!! I understand waiting until the last little bits are right and the planters are planted but remember, we're out here waiting for pictures!

CancunCanuck said...

Felicidades/Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics of the final results. How kind and generous of you to throw a party for the workers, I am sure they appreciated not only the party but you making a big effort at making a speech in Spanish to thank them. Kudos to you!