I can't help myself

I was going to wait until the mural was all done to post a picture, but I can't! I just love it too much!

The artists are a father and son team, although the son is the one who researched and drew the plan for our wall. Every day they just quietly work away, occasionally backing up and looking at things and conversing about their progress. They run up the street to bring back a small comida in the middle of the day, which they eat while up on the scaffolding.

Last night the father said it was nice to work here - that it was muy tranquillo! That was nice to hear, but some days when the doorbell rings a lot and Lucy has to bark at each ring of the bell tranquil is not how I would describe it!

I think they are pushing to get done by the weekend...but I'm not sure. I'll show a picture when it's done, of course!

But now, time to review again before I head to Spanish class!


CancunCanuck said...

Oh Nancy, no wonder you are excited, it's lovely! I am stunned by the detail, how lucky you are to have real artisans working in your dream home. I look forward to the final product with mucho anticipacion! (Hope Spanish class is going well).

Brenda said...


Steve Cotton said...

Thank you for the preview.

Gregorio said...

Fantastic design! I love how the interior wall changes into an exterior wall along the right side.

Jonna said...

That's fantastic! I have visions of someone trying to walk up that street and running into the wall.

Wonderful work.

I'm hoping to take some spanish classes next week too. I try to do it every year but I've slacked off the last couple.

Cynthia Johnson & Mike Nickell said...

¡Muy bueno! I hope Miguel and I can get to Mazatlan to see it in person. Hopefully we're leaving Seattle in 10 weeks or so!

Cynthia said...


Nancy said...

Thanks, everyone! It is really interesting to watch talented artists at work.

The artist told me that he is most happy with this of all the murals he has done...and he beamed with pleasure when Paul told him we are proud to have his artwork in our home.