It's about time!

So I am finally getting around to the final pictures of our courtyard remodel. We are really loving the courtyard every day - it is a huge part of our home - and since most of the main floor opens onto it, it makes every room more wonderful - as if that was possible.

Here's the courtyard, before:

Here it is now:

Pretty nice, isn't it? You can see the wonderful seat that they made sort of on the fly. All the concrete supports and vigas are colored concrete molded inside wood so it really does look like wood. The table now has a beautiful talavera top. And the hammock? Wonderful.
Through the ironwork at the far end of the courtyard you can see the scaffold that is being constructed for our next project....see below.

I'll tell more about this project after it starts to take shape in the next week or so - but the artist designed the work to represent a small town nearby and has incorporated the doors to the bathroom and garage into the work. I am really excited to see it come to life right in our sala fresca.


Steve Cotton said...

Your own Sistine Chapel in the making, eh? The court yard looks marvelous. So, when is the open house?

When I was in the fourth grade, I designed a house centered around a court yard with a fountain. I must have known I was heading to Mexico even then.

My mamacita will be heading to Mazatlan next month to scout out the city. I will await her report.

And I have added Chacala back on the list as a possibility. You know why.

Aaron Ortiz said...

Sweet! The hammock looks sooo inviting!

Brenda said...

Looks wonderful. Enjoy. Keep us posted with the next project, it looks like it will be incredible when it is finished.

Billie said...

It is looking so good. Love the mural. Keep posting.

Cynthia Johnson & Mike Nickell said...

¡Hermoso! It truly is art.

wayne said...

Wow! Just in case you didn't hear me...WOW! What a fantastic space. Can't wait to see the mural done. How clever to incorporate the doors into it.