It's paradise

The bird of paradise plant that we have on our patio has finally bloomed! It seems like it may have another 2 or 3 more blooms on the way, too.


Jennifer said...

Its beautiful! It almost looks like a painting in this picture, with the backdrop (of the house?)

Marie McC said...

Lovely shot, Nancy! I agree with Jennifer, it does look like a painting. I love this plant.

Also very much enjoyed your series on your house renovation. The mural in your sala fresca is beautiful.

Jonna said...

Bird of Paradise are notorious for taking their time to grow up. They don't usually hit their full potential for 5 years, then they bloom almost non-stop. That's why in SoCal we always tried to buy the biggest one we could as it might be a bit older too.

That is a wonderful picture of the single bloom and the wall, really nice.

Cheryl said...

Beautiful! I just might paint it! Loved the mural also.

Steve Cotton said...

Cheryl's point is a good one. I tried to post a comment yesterday that I thought your photograph was a painting you had found. Great eye. Great image.

I, of course, cannot grow birds of paradise in Salem. But soon. Soon.

Nancy said...

Wow, dumb luck with the picture. I do like the way the plant is isolated with the wall behind it.

I had no idea that they took a while to get going - we did buy the biggest one we found and then gave it a nice shot of fertilizer. I think it loves the heat on the upstairs patio, too.

Sans said...

Where did you find it? I have yet to find one at any of the nurseries I frequent!

Nancy said...

We saw several at the place in the Gigante parking lot yesterday....good luck!

MexicowithKids said...


I too thought it was a painting at first or another beautiful mural!

Love the post title too,