Books make the difference

Paul and I read constantly. Before we moved to México, one of our issues was that we needed to be in a place where we had access to English language books. We were big library users when we lived in Washington State.

Amazon and Amate Books ship to Mexico, so if we want to buy books, we can. We've had fast service from both online booksellers.

One of the things that contributed to our decision to move to Mazatlán, though, was the English Library. It is a membership library, run by volunteers, and has thousands of books.

Our membership allows us to take out five books at a time. Several times a year they have surplus book sales, and we always buy a bagfull.

I've been keeping track of the books I've read for the last couple of years and have my list here. I like to print it out every once in a while so when I'm in the library I can remember to look for books by authors I've enjoyed.

The library has temporary memberships also, so if you are here for a short time you can take advantage of their excellent selection of books.

The picture above is Bliss and the Captain in front of the library.


Babs said...

Darn, you are WAY smarter then I - first its the sandals and now its the book list! I'm an avid reader and how smart of YOU to keep a list! Now I'm going to print out your list and highlight the ones that interest me (quite a few).
When I go to the states, I go to Salvation Army and Goodwill and buy bags of boks by anyone and the great thing about that is that I find authors I would never have picked up on my own........LOVE reading and having the time in Mexico

Cheryl said...

I read a lot also. I've never even thought about keeping a list. I forget what I've already read sometimes so a list would be helpful. Thanks for the great idea!

Beth said...

How funny that we would both post about books! I was sitting in my living room looking at the shelves of books, and started wondering what in the world I would do with them all!

I love your idea about writing them all down!

Some of my favourite contemporary fiction authors are John Kellerman, James Patterson and Tami Hoag to name a few.

Who knows, maybe you and I will be able to swap books one of these days!

Steve Cotton said...

In my current life, I avoided a list by keeping the books I have read -- like some weird trophies. But, just as you had to do with your move, I need to start sorting through my books -- and set most of them free.

jillian said...

awesome fiction list. get me to the Merida English Library this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Nany, last time you published your list, I printed it off and used it for a great reference when looing for a good book to read...
this time I just printed off the updated part starting with The Devil & Miss Prym up... Hope you dont mind. Just wanted you to know I appreciate the time you take to keep the list going. Have a great day ! Kelly ( Canada) http://thebayfieldbunch.com

heatherinparadise said...

I cried only twice just before we moved here: once when I had to say goodbye to my elderly cat who was going to live with my Aunt, and once when I sold the first of my hundreds of books.

It never even occurred to me how much I would miss a library or books in English. We make do with whatever used books we can find here and there.

The Amazon thing is interesting, how does it come to you? Via regular mail?

1st Mate said...

Let's hear it for libraries! I was anxious to get back to San Carlos thinking that our biggest local library would have already closed for the season unless we were here by Friday. Turns out it'll be open through May, a big relief. I don't know how I'd get through the summer without books. And thanks for the ones you traded to me while we were in Maz, I've already read a couple of those.

NC Victoria said...

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog! My husband is living in Mazatlan already, I am up here in NC trying to sell houses and stuff. I visited the library there on my last visit in April, and they (and you) have convinced me to bring a chunk of my personal library to donate to them.