Sunsets in Mazatlán are almost always spectacular. I don't know how that can be, but it is true. We love to walk over to the malecon in the evening to watch...it is a communal experience with lots and lots of people doing the same thing.

Right now in Washington State (where we came from) the sun rises at 5:19 am and sets at 9 pm...and in Mazatlán the sun rises at 6:19 and sets at 7:48. Being this far south means that there is less of a swing in number of daylight hours. I've also noticed that the sun is setting further North every day.

Living so close to the water is wonderful - I feel way more connected to the earth - as in Planet Earth - than I ever have before. Swimming, watching sunsets, seeing fish jump, and the salty wet air really make me feel alive.


Anonymous said...

Great Photos. Has Paul (or you) done any fishing there yet?

Many years ago I use to fly there for a week of fishing for about 7 years consecutive ;-)

Your sunset photos bring back those wonderful memories.

John Calypso

bloglogger said...

Great sunset photos are common in Mazatlan. I live here but it's funny how mazatlecans grow so accustomed to watch these marvels everyday that we almost don't perceive them.

One piece of advice:This time of the year is great for pictures of the sun setting in the "middle" of the Three Islands. I guess you can shot from the Fisherman's Monument at the intersection of Paseo Claussen and Avenue del Mar. If not, it's just a matter of being there a little earlier than sunset and then move a little.

Good luck. I'll be looking forward for these suggested photos.

Nancy said...

Juan, We haven't gone fishing - since I'm a vegetarian I'm not into it - Paul probably will go sometime with someone visiting I imagine. People surf fish every day - I have never seen them catch much, though!

Bloglogger - my pictures were taken from the malecon either near Puerto Viejo or up by the swimming pool...I only have a point and shoot camera so I don't work to hard at figuring out the "shot" but I probably should!

heatherinparadise said...

Beautiful photos...I don't get out to enjoy the sea nearly as much as I should, or as much as I thought I would when I first moved here.