A few new bloggers on our blog roll

I've added a few new blogs to our blog roll recently and I thought I'd bring them to your attention.

Chantel is moving to Manzanillo - she lives in Western Canada and just sold her house. Follow along as she and her beagle make the move to her favorite vacation destination of ten years.

Erika in Mexico City - Erika moved to Mexico City from Toronto in 2006. She has had several jobs and tells about her life in Mexico City in a voice that I find interesting and appealing.

Gary in Mexico City - Gary moved to Mexico City from Britain in 2005 and teaches Business English. His photos are great and his insights into life here are fun to read.

Linda and Bill in Alamos - Linda and Bill are currently on their way to Alamos from the Pacific Northwest. They've bought a house and are eager to get to work on it!

I hope you'll check their blogs out when you have a minute.


Gary Denness said...

Thanks for the plug!

Steve Cotton said...

Thank you for sharing the new links. It is also good to see new people to add to the lists.

Babs said...

Thanks Nancy for the new blogs! I wonder how the people who come from the cold weather to the desert or beaches fare in the summers..........It will be interesting to see their writings.

New Beginnings said...

Thanks for the mention Nancy!