I love gomitas

In the US my favorite candies were Hot Tamales, Red Vines, and Spice Drops. I seem to like things kind of chewy and sometimes with sugar sprinkles.

When we moved here it took me a while to find a new addiction....above, you see my favorite pre-packaged treat and below, the ones I buy at the mercado. I like them both equally, but the packaged ones are more gooey. Yum.


Theresa in Mèrida said...

We like the same candies! Have you tried the mango with chili candies? I also like tamarindo with chili and sugar, but gomitas are a big favorite of mine. I wonder if it's possible to make something that tastes like red hot tamales at home?

wayne said...

OMG! I am so addicted to these too! I just would never admit it before. I wonder how many other people are going to step forward and admit to liking them?!

Steve Cotton said...

Nancy -- If you were not already married, I would say we were made for one another -- or, at least, out of the same mold. Hot tamales. Spice drops. Red vines. Those are the three candies in my snack drawer at work. Now, I will need to track down your Mexican suggestions.

Nancy said...

Hey, fellow gomita pals!

Theresa, I haven't tried the candies you mentioned, I will have to check them out. Although the last thing I need is more candy to like!

Wayne, you've outed yourself now! But there is no shame in my opinion.

Steve, I'm not sure sharing the same favorite candies is a solid basis for a marriage, but maybe if you watch who buys Hot Tamales at your local store you may just find Ms. Perfect. Worth a shot!

Cynthia Jones said...

Las gomitas son mis favoritas!!! I love them too!!! Since I was a child I'm always eating this things ... Every time I go to Mexico I bring home TONS of this ones ... My granma is 84 years old and she has ALWAYS as far as I remember love them too ... Have you try the Pulparindo or the Cajeta??