You know you live in a hot and humid place when...

  • After shower baby powder is a must
  • The only seats that get much use are those under
    ceiling fans
  • Sometimes you go grocery shopping to cool off
  • The dogs will lie down only within fur ruffling
    distance of the fan
  • You give up vacuuming in between maid visits
  • You know why all cookies and crackers are packaged
    in single serving bags
  • Wearing a dress makes you want to snitch your
    husband's cotton mid-thigh undies
  • Taking the dogs for a walk early in the morning is
    the only way
  • Waistbands get wet first
  • Dripping and mopping is considered polite
  • The middle of the day is inside time
  • You remember to put down the shades on the
    west side in the afternoon
  • You use zip lock bags for everything
  • Maybe you actually would wear a mu-mu
  • Basil in a pot can actually get too much sun
  • You actually would rather have a glass of cold
    water than anything
  • You will keep on writing your blog post even when
    perspiration runs down your back


wayne said...

Great list! I love that everybody wears baby powder when it gets out here. Smells like a giant nursery!

wayne said...

oops. should say "when it gets hot here."

Cynthia said...

How hot is it?

CancunCanuck said...

LOL, your post made me giggle. I actually have some cotton biking shorts to wear under dresses, the upper thigh sweats are just not pretty! (Ok, I'll confess, I actually have borrowed hubby's undies to do the same trick on occasion, shhhhh).

Jonna said...

There is no life without baby powder! It comes in so many flavors too. I 'add a little' all the time, whether I just got out of the shower or not. It's always right there next to the sink and I often throw a little around after washing my hands. We all walk around smelling like babies! Oh, and no one comments on the white smudges or drifts of powder on people's clothes, at least no one says anything to me ;)

Nancy said...

Yes, what would we do without baby powder?

It has been around 90 degrees (32 c) most days lately. I think humidity about 70%.

I need to get some cotton bike shorts, good idea.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Cute post and oh so true. Here are my additions.
You know you live in a hot and humid climate when you have more "bloomers" than sexy panties.I couldn't beleive it when I bought my first pair of little old lady bloomers to wear underneath skirts and dresses and now I own several pairs in colours no less! Also you know you live in a hot and humid climate when you have a ventilator fan not an exhaust fan in your bathroom and unless you use it you never get dry after taking a shower.

Cynthia Johnson & Mike Nickell said...

Oh, your list is soooo true! And I have to add to Theresa's comment...Sunday I bought my first Hanes white cotton underwear...the pretty nylon underwear is just not working out for me down here!

Working Gringa said...

LOL! This is a great list...and oh so true!

During this season I practically live in tank tops with built-in bras. They are right up there with cotton underwear and lavendar-scented baby powder.

You also know you live in a hot climate when you actually start walking and moving slower just so you won't get hot.

Great blog and great post....thanks!

Nancy said...

Pretty funny, isn't it? Underwear seems to be turning into a recurring theme of mine...hmmm.

I went to the book sale at the library today and carried two large bags of books home about 10 blocks at noon, so I think I would add to the list "you try to avoid carrying things a long distance in the middle of the day..."