Bloggish stuff

If you hadn't noticed, I've redone my Latin American Bloggers list using Blogger's new page element blog list tool. I really liked the option to organize by date published when I'd noticed it on a few other blogs, and it didn't take me very long change mine over.

Some of the owners of blogs on my list may notice a decrease in their blog stats, though, since I no longer just "go check" to see if there is new content. Sorry!

There's a new blog included in the list, too. Moving Kids to Mexico is a family who are moving to Mexico with their two school age children for a year. They are currently in the process of driving down, and the blog hasn't divulged yet where they're headed. I think it should be a fun one to watch.


Gary Denness said...

I've flipped on the Blog List - Blogger in Draft has a few neat tricks. I know Blogger gets slated by the Wordpress fanboys but it really is a perfectly good free (and free is important!) blogging platform.

Even if the standard comments system sucks! Did I already mention Disqus to you?

Steve Cotton said...

Nancy -- Once again, thank you for calling our attention to new blogs. Without your help, some of us would have missed being introduced to Erika.

Billie said...

I just tested going to my blog from your blog list. It showed up as a referral from Countdown. Same with Same Life--New Location. So the count on my meter may not be affected by using the new link feature. Just thought you would want to know.

Nancy said...


Gary, thanks for the tip on Disqus, I am going to give it a try in my future posts.

Steve, I am always trolling for new blogs and loved finding Erika.

Billie, I had meant that the blogs on my list counts would go down because I no longer need to just go check if someone has a new post. I won't bother going to their blog unless it goes to the top of the blog roll. I pretty much used to run through all of them every day even when only some had new posts.

Billie said...

Oh, duh. I get what you meant now. After we get through this weekend, I am going to have to spruce up my blog too.....just to keep up with you guys.

1st Mate said...

If I go to Nancy's blog and see that I'm way down on the list, I'll get busy and post a new blog! It stimulates the ol' competitive spirit. Who wants to sit at the bottom with the dust bunnies?

Anna said...

Hey Nancy,
my name is Anna and I've been reading you blog since before you both moved to Mexico. I'm actually moving to Mexico in September and both scared and excited about the whole thing. Feel free to drop in on my Blog. I too am struggling with Spanish right now:)