Rainy Monday

Rainy season is in full swing here in Mazatlán. We've been trying to learn to read the sky to have some idea if rain will come, or not. It's a new vocabulary of clouds and air feel and what the birds are doing that we are trying to learn.

I'd been ready for the rainstorm Saturday night. All the windows were shut, a few things were moved out of the way that would get wet, and a couple of problem windows had towels at their base. When we got up Sunday it was still a bit drizzly, but it cleared up as the day went on, and turned into a beautiful evening.

This morning we had already let the dogs know we were heading out for a walk when all of a sudden it started raining. It's been raining for more than an hour now and I have no idea if it will stop shortly or not. Ni modo!

Below is a video from this morning of our cinnamon hummingbird having a bath in the rain. It is almost like having a pet bird - he is in our patio about 80% of the time, and he really does seem to chirp more when he sees us.


Brenda said...

We don't get a lot of rain here; but when we do we notice the hummingbirds bathing in the water on the mango tree leaves. They really enjoy it.

CancunCanuck said...

How lovely to have a birdie friend! You have a gorgeous patio too, even in the rain. Great to hear your voice too, thanks for sharing.

Jonna said...

That was great video! Your yard is looking incredible, isn't it amazing how fast things grow? It looks completely different from the first photos after you planted. It's lush and beautiful now.

1st Mate said...

He does look happy. He's a little larger than most hummers, isn't he? Looks like he's definitely made his home with you, and what a low-maintenance pet! Your private jungle is looking wonderful.

Nancy said...

Brenda, I love the hummers, and think it's neat to have been adopted by one.

CancunCanuck, Thanks for your kind words, I almost didn't post the video because it was so blurry - I would love to have a real video camera, mine is just in my little camera so the zoom isn't too good.

Jonna, Thanks! Yes, the vegetation is really lush now. Scott and Coco (they've been posting on the vivaveracruz forum) did the planting for us and the cleanup in the back yard, too. We probably take a black plastic bag of trimmings off at least once a month!

Bliss - Yes, "Hummy" is larger than most. There are some really tiny ones around here - or there were before he claimed us as his property, anyway.


Michael said...

We have arrived and are staying at the La Siesta Hotel. We arrived between rain showers on Sunday afternoon.

We have not had a bad meal. Two restaurants in Plaza Machadp and three on the Malecon.

In summary the food is good and the weather is intersting. We come from the UAE and it is hot there and no rain so this is an experience.

You have selected a nice city and I agree with you regaring the Historical area.

Hope to run into you sometime.

Michael and Dell

Nancy said...

Welcome, Michael and Dell. Are you moving here to live or just for a visit?

Glad you're finding the food good. If you like pizza check out La MOna on Ninos Heroes or Pizza Moreno behind the Hotel Machado, and for smoothies, Pura Vida. For a more expensive meal but excellent food, Hotel Lucila (across from the Pedro Infante statue) is very nice.

Hope to see you around!

Michael said...

Thanks for the information. We are looking to see if we would want to make it permanent.

This is more rain in a few days than we have seen in the last three years. Does it stop? Should we man the ark? I noticed animals coming down the malecon in twos. Is this a sign? ;-)

Paul said...

Almost all the rain comes in July, August and September, the rest of the year the weather is almost perfect.