The Countdown Continues

The 227 days that remain on our countdown clock are our guess-timate of when we will be able to leave the Pacific Northwest if everything goes according to plan. Our biggest challenge is the sale of our house, but there are a number of challenges we'll face along the way.

The first big one for me is making it through this winter.

We just came through three and a half days without power after an incredible windstorm.

We have loved our ten acres, our garden, our pond, and the various critters we have kept and still keep - but - and this is a big BUT - we have had it with the cold.

We had our fireplaces going day and night to keep ourselves, our dogs, and our parrots warm. The temperature outside was in the mid 20's at night and the low 40's during the day. I guess we should feel lucky we didn't lose power when it was colder than that!

Anyway, we are ready to move to Mexico for a lot of reasons. The weather is just one of them.



Brenda said...

Reading this we are amazed at the similiarites between us. We too, had a 10 acre acreage, large garden, several ponds, and critters. We loved our area also (in the summer); but just couldn't take our cold winters anymore.
This morning it is cold for here at 57 F.. A bit of a difference from where we came from, the temp. there this morning was 10 F.(which is balmy there for this time of year). It gets to -30 F. and at times lower.
We had no trouble selling our place, the real estate lady showed it 3 times and got 2 offers, 1 of which was finalised. The gardens sold the place, silly people had no idea of all the work involved. LOL

Nancy said...

Thanks! It really helps to know that others have done this before us and made it happen!


Anonymous said...

Nancy & Paul, I am in Dallas where you wouldn't think the cold would be such a problem. And originally from farther north in the Midwest where we had bitter cold winters (below 0 often) and blizzards, ice storms, etc.

The cold is one thing that is "nice to visit", but I just cannot stand it any more. I never understood the attraction of Florida or Arizona to older people when I was young, but you know, the years have a way of educating folks. Now, I want to get to Merida as soon as possible.

You're not alone. You're among the smartest people out there (hehehe)!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and plans. I loved reading your blog.