La Bamba

This morning as I took our dogs for a walk I was listening to my mp3 player that is filled with some of the podcasts listed in a previous post. On came a lesson I knew I just had to write about!

This is especially in light of Alisa's (of Through the Looking Glass) advice to me that I should consider using music to help me learn Spanish. She even gave me a list of her favorites!

It is also appropriate since I've been enjoying participating in the Viva Veracruz forum...and La Bamba is an example of Jarocha music which has its roots in the state of Veracruz.

Anyway, if you want to have a little fun, listen to the podcast below.


Viva Veracruz Forum: http://www.vivaveracruz.com/forum/
Through the Looking Glass: http://alisacooper.typepad.com/
Podcast: http://www.instadownload.com/podcast/77-combined.mp3


Anonymous said...

Nancy - that iPod cast cracked me up. While I could have done without the ad in the beginning, I like the pushed tempo and the idea - pretty cool.

Thanks - you should put this tip on the Forum ;-)


Juan Calypso

Silversard said...

Paul and Nancy,

Can you send me the hml language to put a countdown clock on my site or point me to the web page to find it? I see you have just 230 days . . . and I want to get my clock started to be just like you ;-)

Alisa said...

What a cool podcast! The "insta-style" sounds like it really takes learners in the right direction, and I'm glad they shook things up with a little bamba this time--for some reason, learning phrases that have a musical melody to it makes it so much easier to pull up from memory when you need it. One appropriate one for Mexico City in the summer and fall is from the Mana song "No ha parado de llover." The title and the phrase "sigue lloviendo" are phrases I've said an awful lot since I've moved here!