Blogsphere Friends

Last night I was talking on the phone with my son in Mexico City. We were chatting away about our upcoming visit in February as well as our upcoming move. I started to say something like "this friend of mine said..." and I realized that I DO consider my blogsphere friends real friends.

Actually, in some ways they can be even more real since they truly understand what we are going through.

They've all dismantled or mostly dismantled their houses. They've dealt with separations from family and friends. They've had to say goodbye to beloved pets. They've had to really think about and care for those things that are the most important to them.

They've also already done it! Which means they have adventurous spirits.

The fact that they love Mexico is a real bond, too.

I hope to meet all of you some day. When we get moved down, know that nuestra casa es tu casa.



Alisa said...

It's a mutual sentiment!

malcolm said...

I second Alisa...counting down your countdown until we can take it into real life!

Anonymous said...

Come on down - the water is just fine!

Juan Calypso