I read Paul's post on our animal family, and realized I needed to talk about this, too.

I have basically been humming with my fingers in my ears about the topic, but he is right, we need to face it head on. But I believe we have some decent options.

  • Birds. I am going to see if my best friend would watch them for our first few months in Mexico, or until we buy a place. I think she probably would, and since she has trouble going away for any length of time because she has a lot of birds - we could maybe make a trade and let her have a nice vacation. I think this really might work. I have always dreamed of a tropical garden where Tiko and Maya could have an outdoor aviary and really have the good life. I'm not letting go of the dream, yet. Getting them there could be a challenge, but perhaps we could even have them flown in...pet shops fly birds everywhere so who knows.

  • Dogs. I believe it will be challenging sometimes to have the dogs but I can't imagine not having them. This is probably a non-negotiable point for me. We'll see.


Billie said...

I don't know anything about the birds and coming to Mexico but I do about dogs. There are really no problems crossing the border in either direction with the dogs. I don't get international health certificates for ours but I do get a letter from the vet stating that all the shots are current. Signatures and official stamps and letterhead are good! But the problem with dogs is traveling with them. It is hard to find hotels in Mexico that will accept them. We have been able to talk (and pay) our way with Taylor who is a cocker spaniel. We have a crate for him and promise we will leave him in the crate. It makes it impossible for us to leave him and go out to dinner for fear he will howl and we'll all get kicked out. We have a friend who has traveled from their boat in Yucatan to San Miguel many times and they finally had to resort to leaving their dog in the car at night otherwise they couldn't find a place to stay.

Nancy said...

I think we are moving into a new phase of our moving plan...and that is the specifics of HOW.

We are trying to decide whether we take any vehicles, or just buy something down there...have to decide if we are going to drive down or fly, and if we should fly the dogs in, or attempt the drive.

I guess first we need to know WHERE we'll be, exactly since Merida would be a way different drive than Mazatlan.

There's a web page for pet friendly lodging in Mexico at:

Thanks for your help!


Brenda said...

Yes, wool is available here in Guaymas; although there is not much of a selection. So far I have found some in one of the fabric shops and surprisingly enough in one of the grocery stores. It is the soft,fine type that I would use for knitting for babies or the Phentex type of stuff that we used to use for slippers. I haven't looked too hard at many of the shops that carry craft type supplies; but did see some. One nice thing about here is that quite often awhile after you ask for something that they don't carry, it will show up in a month or so. Take some samples of your yarn with you to show to the shopkeepers and you never know, it may appear.

malcolm said...

We share that dream...big, outdoor cages, with little pathways winding through lush, dense tropical growth? Yes, please.