What 'cha gonna do?

I have been thinking about how our day to day life will go once we are living in Mexico. It will be a big change for us since the change will not just be one of location but also where we become retired. (I love the word for retired in Spanish...jubilar - because we will be jubilant!)

My vision is that first and foremost we will take pretty intensive Spanish classes. I expect to take classes for at least three hours a day.

Shopping, setting up our household, walking the dogs, sitting on park benches, exploring the area, etc. will be a good part of the day, too.

My problem is - then what? I know some gringos get involved in local "good works" or teach English. I am interested in Kiva (the microlending people) but have been frustrated by their website. I imagine there are other microlending organizations that I could search out and help somehow.

I love to garden so I hope our new place will have outdoor space for gardening, and as long as I am dreaming - an aviary for our birds!

Now we just need to figure out where we want to live!


Anonymous said...

Hola Nancy,

Read my Blog for today about being bored ;-). If I ONLY had enough time to do all the things I would like to do – I have been out of a job (day to day) since 1993 and I still wonder how I got ANYTHING done being employed. I have so much to do and so many things to explore in life – it is just begging – Who said “Life begins at 40”? I say life begins at 60 - ;-)


Brenda said...

You will not have time to be bored, time just "disapears" down here. It's Monday and then it's Friday, not sure where the time goes; but it does and fast!

Billie said...

I agree with Brenda. Things like going to the mercado for just a few things become an adventure that stretch to fill up a morning and make such a rich life. Looking for some part to fix something becomes adventureS and make a rich life. Remember, take your watch off and really be retired from the old 9to5 life. From everything I read on your blog about you, you are not going to be bored.