Weaving our lives

The author of a blog I read frequently - Journeys of a Restless Mind - has been writing of her move from Seattle to Port Townsend, a small town a ferry ride away from Seattle. She and her son are building a new life for themselves. The quote below is from her blog, and perfectly describes what I feel about our move to Mexico.

"This is why I came here, to change not just the scenery, but the very fabric of our lives--to weave ourselves into something durable and beautiful and satisfying. We've only just started, we are still choosing the colors of the yarn and setting up the loom, but there is something solid and real there that we can feel, running our fingers softly over it."

Beautifully said.


Billie said...

What a beautifully poetic description of starting a new life.

Stacy said...

Something everyone should think about when they are making life changing decisions. Thank you for sharing it with us.