Things to do in Mazatlan

There's a lot to do and see in Mazatlan. We have only scratched the surface...but here are a few things we recommend doing when you are in Mazatlan:

Enjoy the Plazuela Machado in the evening. This picture is from our last evening in Mazatlan, after dinner at about 10 pm on Friday. Families are strolling, kids are playing in the kiosko, lovers are kissing on the benches, and people are eating at the many restaurants.

Watch the sunset with a Pacifico or a glass of red wine at the Copa de Leche or the other restaurants right across from the beach.

Go to the aquarium....the sea lion show was a lot of fun. The kids loved getting splashed - and the sea lions clap for themselves after each act. Fun!

While you're at the aquarium, go visit the aviary. You walk through double doors and are inside with birds everywhere. There are parrots, ducks, and peacocks. They are flying and nesting and eating and playing. I especially loved seeing so many macaws! There are many more birds that aren't in the aviary including some toucans and a huge group of parrots rescued from an abusive home.

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Malcolm said...

Yay! SO happy for you both...you're so close!