We've done it!

Only one day after my planned listing date of May 15, our house is on the market! I can't believe the day finally came.

The house still needs some small things done - like re-caulking the shower and some touch-up paint outside, but the big work is over. The place looks beautiful.

Now I just need to keep on top of the yard work and make sure the house is clean. That seems easy after the chaos we have lived with for the last several months.

Since we gave the owner of our new home in Mazatlan 120 days to occupy after closing there is some chance if our house sells quickly that we'll be living in an apartment for a while - which I am trying not to think about. I'm just thinking positive...and reminding myself that in a few short months we'll be living in Mazatlan!

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mexpat said...

Hi Nancy,

The house looks GORGEOUS!!! Best of luck in "unloading" it! :)

Hubby has to sit for black shading and then color on the tattoo still. He's the biggest wuss you've ever seen get a tattoo, but it will be a true masterpiece when it's done.

Very exciting that your move is so close! We're planning on being in Playa del Carmen on the other side of Mexico. Si dios quiere, as they say, we'll move by August or September.