We knew it was too good to be true....

I haven't posted in almost a week because the only thing I wanted to talk about was something we didn't dare discuss....

But four days after putting our house on the market we had an offer - from someone who needed occupancy on June 18! See what I mean about too good to be true? Paul has to work until August 3 so I scrambled around and got us booked into a long term stay hotel, got started packing our menaje de casa, etc., etc.

The buyer wanted to make some changes to the property - adding a building and running a small business, and the county won't allow it, I guess.

So we are back to square one...which is usual in real estate, I guess.

There is a broker's open house scheduled for the 31st, and I'm sure that after the brokerage community sees the place we will start having more showings.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there you two - you won't have any trouble selling that beautiful place.

John Calypso