Lots of details....

Every day we are getting closer and closer to our goal - and it shows.

  • I have been cleaning drawers and closets - and I mean cleaning - as in they are already empty. Most of the kitchen cupboards are empty. We are using our "second tier" items that will go to Goodwill when we move.

  • I have a pile of boxes for Goodwill, and piles for my kids and sister here and there. I also have a pile for the dump and a pile for our last garage sale.

  • We are getting mail relating to the sale. One letter said that the payoff date escrow told our lender was August 2nd! I don't know if that is a random date or if escrow was told something we weren't...but regardless, our deal with our Buyer is that closing can be September 1 "or sooner" so we need to be prepared for whatever they choose.

  • I've turned over the Key Peninsula News website to the new webmaster. He came over and we worked on it together this week and now my involvement is over!

  • They hired someone to replace Paul at work, and it looks like they will have three weeks transition time. He is making lists and folders and getting prepared for the handoff.

  • Today is the 4th of July and our plan is to tackle the garage today. Sounds festive, huh? We need to go through the tools and decide what we are going to take with us. It can't be much but we will need the essentials.

  • We're going to get ourselves set up with Vonage and Earth Class Mailthis week, too.

  • I've taken a bunch of Mexican architecture, gardening, and garden design books out of the library. We're marking the pages with photos that inspire us and I'll make color copies to bring with us since we are going to have a whole house to paint and two courtyards to revamp.
So, now you know what we've been up to.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering what you were up to - ;-)

John Calypso