We all had a great time

Here's a picture of Adam and Martha on our sail on the Patricia Belle.

We had such a good time! In addition to the sailboat cruise, we went to the beach and boogie-boarded, ate out a lot, stayed up late and in general hung out a lot.

One thing that was really helpful was asking the two of them a ton of questions about Spanish. They really were generous and patient with us, and we appreciate it a lot. Adam also helped me out when someone called on the phone and I couldn't make out what they wanted and chatted with the guys working on the courtyard. Sometimes I know people just hate to have to talk to us because it is as much a project for them as it is for us! So having them here helped with a few of those kind of things.

I hope they both got a bit of a rest since their jobs are pretty intense. Come back anytime, you guys....and next time maybe Martha won't be the only winner at dominoes!

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Steve Cotton said...

Nancy --

How do you add captions? Is it as simple as choosing a smaller font, centering the text, and choosing italics? I really need to learn how to do this.