Seems like I am on a once a week blogging pattern lately, and I'm not happy about it. But there is just so much going on....

Spanish classes and homework, Democrats Abroad, having people for dinner, getting ready for company, etc. etc.

And in the middle of it all last week I got hit with the grippe! Two days of fever and sleep and three days of blahs and coughing and phlem. Horrible.

So now I am back in the world of people who smile and brush their hair and hope to be back to more regular blogging, too. Mazatlan has no shortage of topics!

And one is our local brew, Pacifico. I read an interesting article about them in the NY Times - how to save advertising costs they are turning to the web. Check out some of their videos at http://mexicoviapacifico.com/ if you would like to see some hip young people explore Mexico.

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jennifer said...

Thanks for the links. I also noticed while watching an episode of Numb3rs the other day that Pacifico is starting to do television product placement. At the end of the show, the characters were sitting around talking and drinking Pacifico. It was only a brief shot, but living in this town has taight me to identify a Pacifico label!