(That means houseguests)

We are excited to have visitors coming! Son Adam and his wife Martha are coming tomorrow and staying through Tuesday. They are flying over from Mexico City, and were our first visitors back in November. The house was a mess then, with dust and dirt everywhere...so I think they will be amazed by the transformation. We'll have a couple of days with them before...

Son Phil and his wife and our two grandchildren come on Sunday morning! They are going to be staying until Friday. The kids are being taken out of school but they are great students so in exchange we will make sure they learn a lot about Mexico and Spanish to take back with them. Son Phil is going to be driving our trusty minivan North while the rest of his family flies so that they can join the throngs of young families with minivans! How did they resist the lure so long?

It will be great to have all of them here for a nice visit. We plan on spending a fair bit of time at the beach, and I bought a second boogie board in their honor. We also plan on taking them to the plazas here on Sunday night, a visit to the shrimp ladies to buy some shrimp for the barbeque, and of course the mercado. The kids will love dog walking on the malecon and we'll love showing them our favorite places.

When we were up North and son Adam moved to Mexico City somehow we were able to put together a family visit at our place at least once a year. I am so happy we're going to be able to keep this tradition up!

Son Phil will leave on Saturday - his father (my ex) is driving up from Colima to make the drive with him. He'll then fly back to Mazatlán from Phoenix and drive back home. I really appreciate him driving to the US with Phil since it is a long drive to make by yourself.

We are excited for Phil to have the van but also it gives us the opportunity to buy a smaller car that will actually fit in our garage! That's another blog post, though.

Then, Sunday, daughter Jessica arrives from New York City for a week! I can't even believe how excited I am! It's too bad she can't be here at the same time as the boys, but it will still be so wonderful to have her, and it will be nice to have a nice relaxed visit. Although her visit coincides with Semana Santa, where 130,000 people descend on Mazatlán for a week of craziness. From what we hear, though, most of the craziness is up in the "Golden Zone" and the only thing we should notice here in Centro is that the beaches will be more crowded.

Tomorrow I head to the grocery store for a huge shopping trip. I'll get out the dominoes and scrabble. The beds are made. Can you tell I am a happy mom right now?


jillian said...

oh! I am envious!

Sans said...

Don't forget Semana Moto right after Semana Santa! Now that is two GREAT weeks of people watching back to back!

Beth said...

Hope you're all having a great visit!

Steve Cotton said...

Nancy --

My mother returned from Mazatlán with great stories -- including several witnessed falls on the pavement (one involving her). I suspect she will not be moving there, but she enjoyed the trip (the vacation, that is, not her fall).