What a fine week

We had such a wonderful time with family visiting last week. I am still a bit tired but I was sorting through photos and I thought I'd share a few of them:

Adam and Martha being funny

Paul is happy.

Pig head.

Phil and Jen in Maz!

Owen and Erica with Señor Frog.

Erica boogie-boarding.

Everyone having fun.

The van heads back North to Washington!

So that's a quickie post of some of the fun we had over the last week. We spent most of two days at the beach sitting in a palapa restaurant eating and drinking beer in between swimming and boogie boarding sessions. We walked the dogs on the malecon. We went to the mercado. We went to the plazas. We ate and drank. We talked and talked. We played endless games of dominoes and loteria. I had such a wonderful time...they'll just have to come back soon since there are tons of things that we weren't able to squeeze into the time we had.

Tomorrow, daughter Jess arrives for a week so I have a feeling we'll be heading back to the beach. I think we can handle it.


Beth said...

Looks like everyone had a good time! I'm glad you got to have your family for a visit!

Steve Cotton said...

What a treat to meet and re-meet your family. Having visitors is one of the things I look forward to here -- and I will look forward to in Mexico. And I am most pleased to see the dogs make a reappearance. I realize I may feature Professor Jiggs too much in my blog. But, he is part of my life -- and my planning for Mexico.

retoweb said...

Felicidades por estar aquí en México, y bienvenidos!


Theresa said...

How did you square having someone other than the registered owner drive the van back? I'm interested in knowing how you did this. Everything that I have read makes it seem impossible, especially since you need to remove the import sticker at the border in case you want to import another car. Or is the van theirs and I just didn't read enough?

Nancy said...

We talked to our insurance agent and since our son had the car our family is covered on our insurance so there was no problem.

We had given him a letter of permission in spanish so if he was stopped he would have it.

But, we gave him the car so he had a bill of sale from us also.

He returned the import sticker at the border.

Theresa said...

Cool, so there is hope for us, if wanted to sell we could! Everyone makes it seem like we have to go to the frontier and then sell and that person has to re-import. SO we can sell, and they can deal with taking it out and returning it! too nifty! Thanks!