Our Fit Fits

Having a minivan here in Mazatlán was difficult for a couple of reasons - first, most of the streets in Centro are narrow and you often have to fold the mirrors in and be really careful in order to drive anywhere. And forget about parking it! Second, it was too wide to fit into our garage!

So, sending the van home with our son and getting a smaller car became an excellent plan.

Paul did a lot of research online and we identified a few small cars that suited us with regard to style, safety, fuel economy, trunk space, and the all-important width!

The contestants were the VW Crossfox, the VW Sportvan, the Toyota Yaris and the Honda Fit.

It is still pretty tight, and you can see Paul folded the mirrors in to enter the garage. And the opening to the laundry room is adjacent to the passenger door so you have to be careful walking through with a laundry basket. But the good news is: Our Fit Fits!


Steve Cotton said...

Did you buy your Fit in Mexico, or are you using it as your out-of-country vehicle under your FM3? I am still trying to decide if I want to drive my Ford Escape to Mexico or buy a car down there. (I just may raise the topic in my blog.) The Escape is just about the right size for moving around my wordly goods from rental to rental. But I am concerned that it is still a bit too large for colonial streets. Any suggestions?

Nancy said...

We bought it here, wanted local plates and a smaller car.

If you're not sure you'll be staying here, bring yours down since you won't be able to license it up north.

The Escape would be good for the rougher roads here and the topes. It is smaller than our van I think though so that should help you. Many houses have gated patios in front where the size of the car wouldn't matter but as you can see from the picture our garage is very small and we would have to remove a concrete wall to make it bigger.

I'd stick with the Escape until you decide it is a pain in your new home. If that happens drive it back (or get a freind or relative to) to sell it.

It sounds like you plan on exploring many places so having something to move your things around would be pretty important.

RiverGirl said...

I wholeheartedly commend you on buying a car that fits! And a Honda is even better.

Here in Cancun the lots are tiny and we've bought small cars intentionally so that they fit in our driveway. Most of our neighbors drive boats that they cannot close their gates behind...

And Honda makes great cars, I've had 4 of them and love them. Good job!

bloglogger said...

Hi friends, this is Luciano, your neighbor from Mazatlan. Just wanted you to know two facts: First, you can always drive a mexican bought car while in the USA. All you need is a mexican driving licence and I think you both already have it. Second, beginning in January, 2009, cars having at least 60% or 70% parts and labor from any of the NAFTA members, can be imported into Mexico without any importation taxes. I'm not sure if the same applies to mexican cars brought into the US. Oh, I forgot. Today we can buy trucks only if they are 10 years old or older. Beginning in January even new cars, any kind, will be allowed to enter the border with no restrictions. Good to know, uh?

wayne said...

I was just researching the Fit online yesterday! Funny.

What I really wanted to comment on though was your new profile picture. It is incredible how much younger, happier and healthier you both look in the new one. (oops, I don't mean to say the old one was bad!) I think Mazatlan is agreeing with you.

Anonymous said...

Too funny - we just brought our Honda Fit down from NY to stay. If you see an electric blue Fit w/NY plates, say Hi! BTW - together with its miniature trailer,it "fit" perfectly in the garages of the "no-tells" when we drove down.


macmember said...

What kind of car was you garage built for????

I can't imagine anyone getting any kind of car in there.

Nancy said...

Our house was built in 1898 and since we have a hitching post in the back yard we believe that probably it was originally some part of a stable setup....the garage door is 8' wide.

Sans said...

A friend of ours here in Maz. just went from a 4 door truck to a Smartcar. He is loving it!