A Few New Blogs

I am always on the lookout for interesting people blogging from Mexico. Here are a few I am adding to my blogroll:

Joy in Mexico City - Joy and her dog Charlie live in the Condesa neighborhood of Mexico City. I love her energy and writing style.

Paul in Merida - Paul writes Hammock Musings from Merida. He writes about everything from poetry to finances.

Allan and Matt in Playa del Carmen - These guys and their two dogs are enroute to Playa right now, moving from Boston. They are having fun so far - it should be interesting to follow along!

Toni in Walamo - Toni is a young Michigan woman who came to Walamo, a very small town outside Mazatlán, to teach English for the summer. She lived with a family and I really enjoyed her stories of small town life. She has headed home now so I won't add her to the blog roll but thought you might enjoy reading her blog.


Joy said...

Thanks Nancy! Glad you enjoy my blog....we're headed to Puerto Vallarta in a few weeks, wish we had enough time to drive to Mazatlan, too!

Nancy said...

No kidding, I wish you were coming this way, too. Our son and his wife live in Condesa, so maybe we'll see you sometime when we're visiting them!

I LOVE your Olympics post. The coverage is hilarious. The set last night looked like it was in someones garage, they were laughing uproariously and throwing confetti. Very funny.

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

Thanks for the link to Allan & Matt's blog! They crack me up. I can't wait for their first encounter with Mexican officials.