A little of this, a little of that.

Here's a picture of my new friend. I believe it is a Cinnamon hummingbird (Amazilla rutila). He has decided that he owns our feeder, us, and our patio. If another bird comes while he is here, he chases them off and then immediately returns, making a little beeping sound that I have decided means "I'm back."

I don't understand why my wrists are the first place on my body to perspire when I start getting hot. Seems strange to me. (You can see a bit of my tattoo)

We've been watching the transformation of the building across from Shrimp Bucket on the malecon and now it seems the remodel of the new tourist office is complete. I'm not sure if it's open yet, but if not it is very close. One of the reasons they wanted this location is because there is parking nearby - we wonder what that will do to the group of about 8 men who run a car wash business using the parking there?

I bought a few new dog toys when I was up in the US last month. Henry likes the blue one best!

It's a beach day today...Paul needs a break - he worked about 40 hours this week, which is remarkably like actually working. The only difference is he doesn't have to go to meetings and he is usually sitting at his computer without a shirt on!


Steve Cotton said...

I have been trying to devise a plan to allow me to work a few transitional months in Mexico through telecommuting. Is it working out well for Paul? My problem is that I get a lot of drop-by business at my desk.

Paul said...

I am doing some temporary work for my former employer via their vpn. We have Telmex broadband internet and it is fast and reliable, it is working out great so far.


Nancy, tatoo? would like to see the whole thing. I'm always fascinated with the variety of them on women.
Mabe you did a post & I missed it.

islagringo said...

I'm with Paul! I only put on a shirt if somebody arrives at the door unexpectantly or if I have to go somewhere.

Michael F said...

I think you guys are overdressed! I work best in my underwear.

Nancy said...

Kelly & Al, I will need to do a post on tattoos soon, stay tuned.

Islagringo, I don't know how you stand it, being all OUT THERE and all! Shhesh!

Michael, Underwear? Canada? You must be freezing!
Or maybe you wear long underwear???