Drip, drip, drip

It's going to seem strange to say this, but I can kind of get into being dripping wet a lot of the time.

I had read a post Jonna made a long time ago where she said she kind of got into the heat. I really couldn't understand it at the time, but now I can.

This morning I vacuumed the entire house. I came back from walking the dogs already pretty wet. Then the activity of vacuuming turned me into a faucet. I was dripping everywhere, and I mean everywhere! I was dripping on the floor and my clothes were soaked. The only thing I disliked was when it dripped into my eyes. My glasses had big drops on them.

Afterwards I took a shower and (of course) changed my clothes. A nice loose dress and long undies. For the rest of the day, depending on my activity level I was either dry or dripping. Or something in between.

We have air conditioning in the bedrooms and office and for an hour this afternoon I turned it on. But then it was time for a dog walk (they don't have a backyard anymore, after all!) and the dripping started again.

Later, I got sidetracked on the computer and forgot about shutting the blinds, and started dripping again! (Do you see I now have a menu bar underneath the header graphic at the top of the page?)

Then it was dinner time, and another walk, and I am still dripping even though we just turned on the air. Give me five minutes and I'll be nice and cool. Later, a nice cold shower, and bed.


Jonna said...

I'm laughing down here Nancy. You are right that the worst is in your eyes. I now understand headbands, I also understand hankies. But, the main thing I understand is lots and lots of baby powder! I smell like a Johnson & Johnson ad if you're lucky :)

Do you have the raindrop symbol (dehumidifier) on your AC? We just found it recently and it works pretty well combined with a ceiling fan when it isn't the heat but the humidity.

We also sometimes leave the AC on a higher temp in one room during the day. Normally we turn it off when we get up. Then, we retreat there and get dry occasionally. We call it taking a break in the arctic. You can't do it for long or at really cold temps or you get chilled. I hate walking into grocery stores with low AC temps and I'm freezing as the sweat dries and I'm often too cold to even shop.

I'm glad you know what I meant, most of my friends think I'm crazy when I say I can get into the heat and the sweating.

Nancy said...

I remember when we had our acreage I used to kamikazi weed-whack with a bandana tied around my forehead, I should do that sometimes now, good idea. Especially when I vacuum! We use washcloths for sweatrags - actually it seems to be a Maz tradition.

Yes, we use the dehumidify setting only, actually, and it works great. But we don't leave it on all the time, although we probably should just for the health of the electronics since our tv, wii, xbox, and my computer are all in our office. I'm a little scared of the cost, although last month our electric bill was only $50 USD so I guess I shouldn't worry.

It's funny how that statement of yours stayed with me, somehow I must have known it would be true for me, too.

Malcolm said...

You're gonna get a rash.

Cynthia said...

I live in Houston and I'm a swamp creature. When I traveled with my work (years ago) and found myself in dry climates, I would run the shower in my hotel room and get it nice and steamy so my skin wouldn't dry out and my nose wouldn't bleed.

So in a way, I get what you are saying, but I also understand that this climate represents change to you....it's your tropical getaway. We bought in San Miguel for the opposite reason.

Something different is refreshing even when it's hot!

1st Mate said...

Nancy - having spent a week with only sporadic water supply, I'd really like to get to the point of not minding sweat. Imagine, people used to bathe maybe once a week, some NEVER. Women in Mexico used to wear all those clothes and underpinnings, and didn't have a shower to jump into. How the #&@# did they do it? I still get really lethargic, grumpy and distracted when I'm all sticky and drippy. Guess I should get back into that bikram yoga class.

Tom and Debi said...

A loose dress and long panties - now that's what I'm talking about.
I would NEVER have imagined, but oh how I love those long panties!

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

As a native Seattleite, I LOVE the drip - but only for 2 reasons.

1. I have just returned from my 5am walk with Sitka and I am TRYING to drip so the cool shower water doesn't send me into cardiac arrest.
2. I have just cleaned the whole apt and I can throw my clothes in the washer and take a shower. (Although now that Mike does the cleaning I may miss this drip.)

Other than those 2 reasons, I HATE the drip. Our AC is on almost 24/7 (varying from 70F-80F,) but I have created a curtain, closing off the living, "office," and "summer sleeping room" from the rest of the apt - trapping the AC in just this area. Our first electric bill was $160 USD for 2 months. That works with our budget (that I have yet to create) and it keeps me from getting grumpy.

At the Preschool the first thing I do in the morning is turn on the AC, set it at 70F, and as long as I don't have to go outside I am a happy Maestra.

I don't think I will ever adjust to the Guaymas heat and humidity...I just have to figure out how to adjust my environment.

Nancy said...

Malcolm, All I can say is...BABY POWDER!

Bliss, I think I need an exercise class or something, too. I think the dripping makes me THINK I did some cardio but it isn't sweat from effort, but from the weather.

Debi, Love the long panties, too. I only have two pairs right now so don't tell but sometimes I borrow Paul's!

Cynthia, We have found here in Maz there are those who live in the AC and those who try not to. We try not to, and we find that we are much more comfortable. The key is air movement. Fans and open windows. We usually only turn the AC on in the office like yesterday afternoon for the soccer game on TV or in the bedroom at night. The rest of the time we just live in it. Our next door neighbors have their entire house air conditioned 24/7. I could no more be in 70 degrees now than live on the north pole. That would be way too cold. Have you tried the dehumidify setting on your ac? We can set our ac on 28 dehumidify and be really comfortable. It's supposed to be cheaper, too. Look for the little water drop symbol on the controls.
Hang in there!