It's a family thing...

Paul and I are excited about our son Adam and his wife Martha making us grandparents of a little girl this coming January!

We have known for a while about their wonderful news, but I hesitated to share it with you until I had asked them if it would be all right. I'm glad I waited, because just yesterday they called with the news that their latest test changed the boy they had been expecting...to a girl.

It's funny. They liked lots of girl names, but had only a couple boy names. And we had always felt that if they ever had a child, it would be a girl. So it had felt a little strange when we thought that it was a boy, the girl-thing felt so strong.

Throws me for a loop, though, since I bought yarn when I went to the US in July to make a blanket for him....in blue and white! Yarn is hard to find around here so I need to put my thinking cap to get something appropriate that isn't blue. (Does anyone know of a nice yarn store in Mexico???)

Since we're so far away from our grandkids up North right now, it will be great to have them just an hour away by air in Mexico City. I'll try hard not to be a nuisance, guys!

Adam and Martha are smart, hardworking, funny, love to read, love art, love to get dirty in the garden. They have a ton of varied interests and are always having people over, traveling somewhere, or have a new project going on. I believe that their child will be challenged daily with new ideas and that is what a child needs to develop to her full potential.

I think she already looks smart and beautiful.


Brenda said...

Congratulations abuela. Hope everything goes well for them.

jillian said...

How wonderful!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Nancy, there is a lot of yarn here in Merida,but most of it is either acrylic or cotton, no real wools. Comercial Peraza ,Hilos Solomon,Telas Asis and the other fabric stores have some yarn, also Huacho Martin Mercería and El Correo Francés. Look in the phone book under "Manualidades-Articulos para" and under "Hilos y estambres", if worse comes to worse,send me an email and I will see what I can find and ship to you. Us crafty types have to stick together.

Steve Cotton said...

Nancy -- Maybe you could negotiate with Wayne. He brought back a lot of yarn from Minnesota.

And, just like a man, I almost left out the relationship part of the comment: congratulations. I was re-reading your early blog entries (you know why), and realized just how central your family is to you.

Steve Cotton said...
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American Mommy in Mexico said...

How fun it will be to share your Mexico life with her!

Babs said...

Aah Nancy, how WONDERFUL! IF this is your first, you are in for the most delicious experience of your life........Congratulations.

pfernandes said...


how wonderful for you and your kids! i love it that you always felt she was a girl and there she was just waiting to meet you. also it's great that you already know what a lucky little girl she is.