Let's Talk

We have been blogging here at the Countdown to Mexico since last October. Not very long, really, considering the Mexico dream has been a part of our world for much, much longer.

Why are we doing this? Mainly in the hope of meeting other like-minded people (which we have) and also to document our thought process as we progress towards our goal.

It is interesting to me how similar Paul and I are...often we are both thinking about blogging about the same topic - and usually lively conversations ensue that really help us in fine-tuning our plans.

In the last week or so we have been written up on both Living without Borders and Billie's Blog and were added to both Brenda & Roy's and Dropped In's blog rolls. Thanks, all of you, both for reading and for the feedback.

It is great to have become a part of the community of thoughtful, adventurous people who are about to move or have already made the move to such a wonderful place.

We'd like to encourage any of you who are in the mood to comment to do so. We really appreciate your input! If you'd prefer to send an email, please follow the link to the right and communicate directly.

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