Wow, what a trip.

In hindsight I can see that I overscheduled myself with stressful activities - two travel days, a house closing, and a dental implant really were a bit much.

But whenever you challenge yourself you grow, and I know I did on this trip.

I got home last night and found out that we have an offer on our house. We are meeting with our realtor this afternoon to discuss the particulars and sign it or counter. I am in such a stunned state from the trip I can barely absorb the news.

I have some more vacuuming and cleanup this morning but after I'm done with that I intend to just sit and have some quality time with our dogs. I guess that's resting up after a vacation!

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Billie said...

Hope all goes well with the offer. It will be amazing if within a few days you have bought a house and sold a house. Keep us posted.